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"Journal of Anatomy and Histopathology"

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Editor in chief

prof. Chernykh Aleksandr Vasil'yevich (473) 253 10 70.

Head of editorial

a.p. Sokolov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich





     The journal is published by the Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher  Education Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with the support of the International Association of Morphologists.

     The journal publishes previously not published theoretical and experimental studies in the field of human anatomy, cell biology, cytology and histology, morbid anatomy. The editors will accept original articles, brief reports, methodological papers, literature reviews, discussion articles, reviews of scientific and educational publications, materials of scientific congresses, symposiums, short summaries on scientific events as well as letters to the editors.



The editors accept manuscripts for consideration, drawn up in accordance with the rules, placed on the official website of the journal Journal of Anatomy and Histopathology (

All scientific articles, submitted to the editorial board, are subject to mandatory review.

The members of Editorial Staff and Editorial Boars - specialists in the field of science, relevant topics of the manuscript, are conducted to the review.  Co-authors of the article as well as collaborators of the units, where the study was carried out can not be reviewers.

The procedure for review of manuscripts held in confidence. Information about the reviewer of manuscripts is not reported for authors.

The review should include a qualified analysis of the article, its objective assessment and based recommendations.

The reviewer is necessary to address the following questions:

1.Accordance of the article for topics and journal's profile.

2.Compliance with the article title and its contents.

3.Compliance of article structure the statutory requirements (main sections of the article; the title of the article in Russian and English languages, annotation, keywords; references, information about the authors);

4.General characteristics and assessment of the content of the article (relevance and novelty of the research, scientific and methodological level, the accuracy and validity of the conclusions, scientific and practical significance);

5.The concretization of the positive aspects as well as  drawbacks of the article, recommendations to authors for making corrections and additions to the article;

6.Finally, to make a recommendation on appropriateness of publishing the manuscript, necessity of its processing or rejection;

7.In the case of negative review arguments should be provided for rejection of the manuscript.

The surname, name and patronymic, degree, academic status, place of work, current position, contact details (postal address, e-mail, phone) of the reviewer, date of drawing up reviews must be specified.

Reviewer must submit  a review of the manuscript (in electronic and printed form) for Editorial Staff not later than in 1 month from the date of its receipt.

In case of positive reviews, but with any comments, the content of the review is sent to the author to remove comments. The article? sent to the authors for processing, should be returned in the revised form (2 copies) together with its original version as soon as possible with the corresponding letter, containing answers to all the comments, explains all the changes made in the article.

The article, delayed for more than 3 months or or requiring elaboration, is regarded as a new submission.

After returning the article, revised, on comments from reviewer, the manuscript is sent for retrial to the same reviewer.

In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer the author has the right to give a reasoned response to the editors. The article can be directed to re-review to the same or another reviewer, or for discussion to the editorial staff for the final decision.

In the presence of arguments, indicating the unreasonableness of manuscript publication, the Editorial Staff decides to reject the article and sends to the author a reasoned refusal in the publication.

The term of consideration of manuscripts is not more than 3 months from the date of their receipt to the Editor.

The originals of reviews are stored  in the Editors for 5 years from the date of publication and are available on request in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.



     All articles, sent to the editors, are  reviewed twice: the first review provides by the author (by a specialist, skilled in the relevant fields of expertise), the second review provide the members of the Editorial Staff or the Editorial Board.

      Articles are published in the journal at the positive reviews after scientific editing.

      Materials should be carefully edited by the authors. Articles, dedicated to the jubilee events, should be sent to the editors above 6 months to a significant date.

      The editors reserve the right to adjust the text of the article. 

       If the article demands a correction, the author will receive a notification

     Previously published or sent to another journal articles are not accepted for publication. Materials  with violations of the requirements, are not returned.

       The fee is not charged for publications.



The following set of documents should be sent to the editorial office by post for publication of an article:

1) formal referral agencies, where the study was carried-out;

2) two copies of the manuscript, including abstracts in Russian and English languages, one of which is signed by all authors;

3) registration form (available for download);

       All material sent by mail, duplicated email Formal referral agencies, a review receipt of payment are accepted by email as scan copy.